Weighing the Benefits of Online Degrees

You probably read a lot of newspapers referring to our slumping economy, loss of jobs, people saving money, mortgage crisis and so on. Maybe you are one of the unfortunate ones who have lost his or her job and must now switch careers in order to find a new job. In the 21st Century, your choices for going back to college are abundant, to the point that people are now earning online degrees while working part- or full-time. For many people, this is a no-brainier and going back to college to obtain online training is ideal and necessary. For others, possibly such as yourself, this might not be such an easy decision and you have questions about all of these online colleges out there.

Should I Get an Online Degree?

When weighing your options, you probably want to learn a little more about what online degrees entail. Are the colleges that offer these degrees even real colleges? Those are great questions that many people are wondering. There are two types of online colleges, accredited & non-accredited institutions, and anyonline training from an accredited college is considered real, valid, acceptable, and honorable by employers. As education becomes very important in the job search, more and more people are going back to school to finish their college degrees or earn a new one. Therefore, more and more colleges are offering online classes to accommodate all of these students.

Pro’s of Earning Online Degrees

Some benefits of earning an online college degree have been touched upon, but here are a few detailed reasons why you would consider going back to school online. For starters, flexibility is one of the biggest factors for why people decide to go back for their education at online colleges, rather than traditional campus colleges. You will not have to physically attend a classroom once, twice or three times per week like you do with traditional college training. Therefore, if you work full-time by day, you may still come home and “attend” your classes instead of driving to another destination, getting hungry and tired, then driving home to do homework! Online colleges offer classes have no designated class time and therefore, they kind of float in time and you choose when the class begins and ends.

Classes typically involve logging onto your computer, checking a few notes from the professor, reading any comments from other classmates and logging off. Once you’ve completed that, at your own pace, you can now start your homework. Or…you can start your homework an hour before it’s due. That’s up to you. Online classes mean flexibility with your workload and class time. A traditional college class might meet twice per week at a designated time that you simply cannot make due to other obligations.

Con’s of Earning Online Degrees

Communication and interaction has to be one the largest factors that deter people from earning online degrees. There are some types of people that simply do not have the discipline to log on to their computer at their leisure in order to meet the necessary requirements of passing the class. Online degrees are typically best for those who are mature, understand their obligations, are disciplined and can create the necessary time to log in, learn and finish homework assignments.

Some people do not like the fact that they cannot see their teacher or classmates. Communicating via email and chat does not satisfy their need for interaction and the online training is not sufficient for them to effectively learn their courses. Many online colleges will offer pre-course training for those who have never taking an online class to learn what it’s like interacting via email and chat only. This usually eases the concerns of those students before they have to fully rely on it while also learning their course in the process.

Weigh Your Options Before Earning an Online Degree

Think hard about whether you think online classes are right for you. Do you enjoy talking with someone face-to-face? Does your schedule disallow you from attending classes in person? Maybe you are the type of person who does not need someone to continuously remind you that your homework assignment is due. These are questions you want to ask yourself when choosing between online colleges and traditional campus colleges. For more answers to your questions, Collegeinfopro is here to help.

Sierra Martinez is a Marine Corps wife, mother of one and a writer. She graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communications and a focus in Public Relations.