The Ultrasound Technician Career: How to Become a Sonographer

Ultrasound Technician Career Person If you would like to enter the medical field, but aren’t sure that becoming a doctor or nurse is right for you, why don’t you look into getting an Ultrasound Technician Degree?

A medical sonographer or ultrasound technician is a very rewarding career and ultrasound technician jobs are in very high demand these days and will continue to be in the future.


What is an Ultrasound Technician Career and How Do I Become One?

In order to become an ultrasound technician, an Ultrasound Technician Degree is required. There are many approved ultrasound technician technical schools to choose from, such as the Sanford-Brown Institute or American Institute. For most ultrasound technician jobs an Associate’s Degree will be enough to get you in the door. However, many people do go on to get a Bachelor’s Degree or even a Masters in Sonography to help with better job placement and an increased salary. No matter what type of degree you opt to get though, you will want to pass the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) test. Though this is not a requirement mandated by all states, many hospitals and doctor’s offices like to see it on your resume making it a certification worth having.

What Will I Study in College for a Ultrasound Technician Career?

Whether you opt to complete an Associate’s Degree or Bachelors in Ultrasound Sonography, you will end up taking classes in areas such as biology, physics and patient care. Most schools will ask you to pick a specialization such as cardiac, obstetrics or abdominal care. As with most degrees, an Associate’s will typically take you two years to complete while a Bachelor’s Degree will take around four.

What is the Career Outlook Like For an Ultrasound Tech?

The ultrasound technologist career is expected to grow faster than average according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The more education and training you have, along with where in the country you are located, will directly affect how much you make as a sonographer. The BLS says that the average Sonography salary is just over $64,000 per year.

As a diagnostic medical sonographer, you will work with patients in a variety of medical settings. The change of scenery and pace of where you are working help to keep this career interesting and exciting because you can work anywhere from a hospital to an outpatient care facility or even in a physician’s office. As an ultrasound technician you will use a transducer, an instrument that transmits sound waves into your patient’s body, which will help doctors to diagnose various medical conditions that are unable to be seen with the naked eye. This is a very rewarding career because it enables you to help people every day.

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