The Benefits of Living On-Campus While in College

College Student On-Campus There are many things you need to decide when heading off to college; particularly, whether or not you will be living on-campus. If this is something you are currently struggling to figure out, you should know that there are many benefits of living on a college campus so read on for just a few.


Living On-Campus: An Opportunity of Convenience

For starters, living on-campus is convenient. When you are living on a college campus, you have easy access to everything. Even big campuses allow the flexibility of walking, which means you will save money by not having to purchase gas or pay for parking. When you live on-campus and your neighbors down the hall are playing their music too loud all you have to do is walk on over to the library and hit the books for a couple hours. Or, perhaps, your hours of studying has you needing a break? Head on down to the student lounge or coffee shop and make some new friends.

Making Friends is Much Easier When You Live On-Campus

This actually brings us to one of the next major benefits of living on-campus – a pretty awesome social life. When you live on-campus you are right in the middle of everything and everyone. You will likely spend a lot of time in the student union socializing, eating and studying which means if anything is going on, you will know immediately. A lot of schools don’t even allow freshman to live off-campus which means there will be a lot of people in the same situation as you. After a couple weeks of figuring out your schedule and what your professors expect of you, you will then realize how much free time you actually have. This will allow you to get to know those people on very deep levels and make friends that will likely last a lifetime. There are also many programs that are created to help students living on-campus. Whether the program is about finances, studying or socializing, the opportunities available to and directed at those living on-campus really seem to be endless.

Living On-Campus is a Great Transition Period

Finally, living on-campus gives you one less thing to worry about. When you live out in town and on your own, you have to pay rent, utility bills, food and other expenses to every month. However, campus living allows you to pay for room and board in a lump sum with your tuition. That means you don’t have to worry about remembering to send in your rent check or coming up with extra funds if your roommate decides to move out in the middle of a lease.

Do you think there are any other benefits to living on college campus? We would love to hear from you!

Sierra Martinez is a Marine Corps wife, mother of one and a writer. She graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communications and a focus in Public Relations.