Plumbing License & Certification

Plumbing Certificate and Licensing

Plumbers are sometimes the most sought after professionals as water and gas piping is very foreign to the average person. Because of this, plumbers are in demand and earning a Plumbing Degree can be very beneficial for someone who is interested in helping other people in their homes and offices or just have a general interest in piping and engineering. An Associate’s Degree in Plumbing can prepare a person to become a licensed plumber. Some of the skills you will learn by earning a Plumbing Degree include how to assemble and install piping and piping fixtures, maintain systems for steam, natural gas, oil, hot water, cooling, heating, and drainage. You will learn how to work in a house, a condominium building, a commercial building and other areas where piping and plumbing are present, like a boat. Some of the courses you will take include mathematics, physics, blueprint reading, pipe installation, pump installation, plumbing inspection, soldering, welding and plumbing codes and statutes. Upon earning a Plumbing Degree you may be prepared for a career as not only a plumber, but also a pipe layer, pipefitter, or a steamfitter. As a contractor, you may want to consider a Plumbing Degree to round out your services and capabilities. A Plumbing Degree may also include an internship or apprenticeship so that you can get hands-on training and become experienced while studying. Most states will require plumbers to get a state license prior to practicing, which typically includes passing a state examination. Your Plumbing Degree will prepare you to pass this exam.