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Hotel – Hospitality Management Degrees & Related Programs

Hotel – Hospitality Management Degrees

Earning a Hotel Management Degree today can put you in a position to be hired in the hotel and hospitality industry. Tourism is a large economic booster in many metropolitan cities in the United States and those who understand and have learned about the hotel as well as hospitality industry are one step ahead of others. The Hotel Management Degree, or referred to as a Hospitality Management Degree at some colleges and universities, is a necessary step towards a successful career in the hotel and hospitality industry. Some of the courses that you will take while earning this degree include accounting, facilities management, financial management, food and beverage management, guest service management, hospitality legal issues, hotel administration, hotel maintenance, human resources, marketing and sales. Some of the careers that you might enter, depending on your level of education and experience, include supervisory or assistant management positions as well as general managers and events managers. While working in a hotel, you may find yourself supervising staff members, greeting customers, inspecting rooms, handling customer complaints, making marketing decisions and more. There are many Certificate programs available for Hotel Management Degrees as well as Associate’s Degrees in Hotel Management and there are also a handful of colleges in the United States that offer a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management.