Electrician Degree & Related Programs

The Electrician Degree

Although you may not have known that you can earn an Electrician Degree, they do exist. Electrician training is your best choice if you are looking to begin an apprenticeship or start a career as an electrician. An electrician is the person who installs electrical wires in your house or place of business, repairs electrical damage, ensures that entire electrical grids are working and maintained both safely and effectively. By earning an Electrician Degree, you may be qualified for a job as an electrician, electrical installer, electronics repair person or a maintenance electrician. Electricians work with electrical equipment, electrical systems such as heating and cooling, lighting, power supplies, and wiring. While studying for an Electrician Degree you will learn about conduit installation, electrical blue prints, electrical building codes, fire safety, grounding, and wiring. Because the electrician industry is generally a hands-on industry, it is advisable to attend an electrician program at an on-campus college, though there are a handful of online degrees available for those who want to learn about becoming an electrician but do not have the time to attend a campus school. As part of your studies, you may be enrolled in an apprenticeship program which will provide you with the experience to go out on your own in the future.