Culinary Arts Degree

Culinary Arts Degree – Cooking Your Passion? Why Not Make it a Career!

Culinary Arts Degree College Students Do you watch the Food Network all day? Do you have some recipes of your own that are the “talk of the town”? Dreaming of becoming a Chef? Many people know how to cook for one person, two people, or even a large family. But, if your dream is to become a Chef in a restaurant or for a banquet or catering hall, going back to school to earn a Culinary Arts Degree is a wise decision. There are a number of different culinary arts degrees that you can earn, and most of them are localized at on-campus colleges, but choosing the right program, will enable you to succeed and achieve your goals.

Culinary Arts Degree and Program Types Defined

Some culinary programs can be completed in as little as a few months and you earn a Diploma, while others can take four years or more if you’re looking for a Bachelor’s Degree or a Master’s Degree in Culinary Arts. By earning a Culinary Arts Degree, you are not only setting yourself up for an entry level position in a kitchen or restaurant, but you will earn the skills required for a number of other professions. You can work as a pastry chef, work for sports stadiums in their food and beverage departments, manage restaurants or catering companies, and more! No matter which career path you choose, you will be working with other individuals and therefore, you must be comfortable interacting with people on a daily basis.

There are Accredited Culinary Colleges all around the United States, and each program may be slightly different, so make sure to research each college individually.

Star Career Academy
Star Career Academy – Students will be prepared for entry-level employment in hotel/restaurant management, cosmetology, or a choice from our professional culinary and baking & pastry programs.
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