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The Automotive Repair Degree and Automotive Colleges

Trade Student Working on Car As someone who may never have had the chance to work at an auto-body repair shop or mechanic shop as a student, you may find it difficult to jump right into a career in auto repair. An Auto Repair Degree will set you apart from the competition when you want to enter the career of your dreams. By earning an Associate’s Degree in Auto Repair or Automotive Body Repair you will gain the skills on how to repair, maintain, and inspect various types of vehicles such as cars, trucks and possibly motorcycles. You will learn how to remove dents and scratches as well as fix frames, replace panels and bumpers, and ensure any vehicle is mechanically sound.

You will learn how to repair a vehicle that comes in for normal wear and tear items such as brakes, as well as those that have been in major automobile accidents. In addition to automotive body repair, you will learn auto mechanics including information about engines, brakes, transmissions, advanced diagnostic systems, fuel & ignition systems, power trains and more. By earning this type of degree, you will learn the basics and receive hands-on training which, when completed, will put you at the forefront for beginning your new career. Some schools even have partnerships with local auto body or auto repair shops to help jumpstart your career. If you have a love for cars and fixing machines, you should consider either an Associate’s Auto Repair Degree or a Certificate Degree in Auto Repair at one of the many automotive colleges offered here.