MA in Education

Master of Arts in Education Degree and Related Programs

The Master of Arts in Education Degree

The Master of Arts in Education Degree is one of the most popular Master’s Degrees available. This is due largely in part to the fact that teachers are always expected to advance in their studies and keep up with new trending topics in the educational space. Most Master of Arts in Education programs, or MEd as they are popularly called, offer a specialization for teachers who want to advance in a particular subject or area of interest. You must have a Bachelor’s Degree before you can pursue the Master of Arts in Education Degree. If you are a current teacher looking to specialize in a specific area of interest, then you should consider a Master’s Degree in Education. More and more colleges are offering this degree as an online degree so that teachers have the ability to teach and “attend class” simultaneously. Instead of worrying about driving to class after work, you will have the opportunity to come home, kick off your shoes and sit at your desk reading, studying, taking notes and completing exams. Some of the specialties that you could study while earning your Master of Arts in Education Degree include elementary education, secondary education, early childhood education or special education. With the extra knowledge and expertise, you may position yourself for advancement in your career or possibly a financial pay raise.