Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology Teaching Degree and Related Programs

The Instructional Technology Degree

As technology advances, so must the classrooms. It is a teacher’s job to keep up with the technological advancements and trends in society while at the same time maintaining the leadership and expertise needed to teach today’s children and young adults. Technology is used in classroom instruction for children as young as pre-school all the way through to adulthood and therefore, understanding the different levels of technology used in education is important. An Instructional Technology Degree program will provide you with the training needed to utilize different technologies in your classroom. Although there are mostly Graduate Certificates and Master’s level programs available for Instructional Technology Degrees, you may also be able to find a Bachelor’s Degree in Instructional Technology at a handful of schools.

In addition to arming yourself with more technology knowledge as a teacher, someone with an Instructional Technology Degree can also go on to pursue a career as an Instructional Technologist in a school. This person may otherwise be known as a computer teacher, but as technology advances, computers aren’t the only technological equipment being used by students. As an educator, it is encouraged, and in many cases required, to continue your education and learn more about today’s advancements. By earning a Certificate in Instructional Technology you will be better prepared to teach the children of today and tomorrow.