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The ESL Teaching Degree

The United States is a melting pot of immigrants, and regardless of their age, those that enter the public school system may not come here with any knowledge of the English language. That is why the American school system offers English as a Second Language to children of all ages, ranging from pre-kindergarten all the way through high school and beyond. These teachers understand the necessity of teaching children the English language so that they do not fall behind in school. Earning an ESL Teaching Degree is typically a certification that will enable you to earn your ESL certification endorsement. Most states will require a Bachelor’s Degree in teaching or education in addition to an ESL Teaching Certificate and endorsement.

ESL teachers at the elementary level will focus on teaching children the basics of English, while secondary education ESL teachers will help students communicate more effectively in English so they can prepare themselves for college and the workforce. Due to the fact that technology has become so important for learning, and the next generation of students have little difficulties using technology, computers and software have become a norm in the ESL classrooms. Therefore, while earning an ESL Teaching Degree, you will also learn about the technologies that are used to teach the English language to children and teenagers.