Educational Leadership & Administration

Educational Leadership – Administration Degrees and Related Programs

The Educational Leadership and Administration Degrees

In addition to becoming a teacher, you can pursue a career as an educational administrator or leader. School districts are always looking for qualified individuals, especially those who have earned an Educational Leadership and Administration Degree from an accredited college or university. Education administrators are the people who develop programs, oversee the educational budget for schools and districts, and monitor the overall performance of students and teachers. An educational administrator includes the principal and vice principal, program director, academic dean, department heads, registrars and other directors or deans of programs.

Almost all of these career paths require an advanced Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration. You can oftentimes earn these degrees online while you work as a teacher or other administrative position. In most states there are additional requirements such as a earning a license or certification above and beyond your Master’s level education. Some of the areas you will study while earning your Educational Leadership Degree include educational management, human resources, organizational management and operations, and student achievement.