Art Education

Art Education Degree and Related Programs

The Art Education Degree

If you’ve always had a passion for the arts, art design, or had dreamed of becoming an artist but came to the realization that making a living dependent on your art is difficult, then you may consider a career as an Art Educator by earning an Art Education Degree. Art educators, or art teachers, are responsible for teaching art and art appreciation to students of all ages and levels. The Art Education Degree is offer at many accredited colleges as an online degree, whereby students can study and take tests on their own time while spending time working or tending to family. Each state has different teaching requirements, and some require a degree as simple as a Certificate in Art Education to be eligible for a job as an art teacher.

Certificate degree programs will vary, but you may take classes in contemporary art, art education, digital media, elementary education, and more. You don’t have to stop there, as many colleges offer a Bachelors of Arts in Art Education as well as a Master of Arts in Art Education. Throughout your studies, you will learn that an Art Education Degree will help you teach children and adults about the values of self-expression and communication through visual and tactile means.