Adult Education Degree

Adult Continuing Education Degree & Related Programs

The Adult Continuing Education Degree

Continuing Education is a requirement for many industries, and the teaching industry is no different. Teachers from nearly every state in America are expected to continue their learning throughout the remainder of their teaching career. It is a requirement to earn a number of credits each year in order to maintain a teaching license and therefore, Continuing Teacher Education courses are offered at a number of different colleges and universities, both online and on campus.

By earning these additional credits, and taking the Continuing Teacher Education courses, a teacher can put himself or herself in a position for a higher salary or a different career specialization path. Some of the Continuing Teacher Education programs that are offered include Education Administration, Education Counseling, English as a Second Language (ESL), Special Education, and Technological Advancements for Teachers. In addition to taking a number of credits, teachers can opt to earn a Certificate or Certification in a Continuing Teacher Education program. This would require a series of courses, in addition to testing, to prove your aptitude and knowledge retention of the subject.

If you aren’t interested in pursuing a Certification, you can also take what are called Refresher Courses for teachers. These classes can help teachers remember everything they have learned over the years, including teaching basics, as well as new technological advancements. ¬All of these are considered Continuing Teacher Education courses and are beneficial to all teachers, regardless of tenure status.