Environmental Engineering

[h2]Environmental Engineering Degree & Related Programs[/h2]

[h2]The Environmental Engineering Degree[/h2]

There is a lot of talk about the environment and how do we conserve energy for the future. As a result, one of the fastest growing engineering fields in today’s world is environmental engineering. The Environmental Engineering Degree prepares students to qualify for an entry-level position as an environmental engineer. The environmental engineer works in areas such as air-quality control, toxic materials control and wastewater treatment. These are the people who are integral in determining the best way for society to implement systems that will both conserve energy and use alternative energy sources.

As the government issues new regulations, environmental engineers are working furiously to raise air standards and decrease waste and pollution by businesses and individuals. While enrolled in an Environmental Engineering Degree program, students can expect to take classes in math, science, and engineering courses such as hydraulic design, waste management, and toxic materials. Some of the entry-level positions available for those with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Engineering include an engineering technician and an environmental sales engineer. The engineering technician is mainly responsible for maintaining equipment used, collecting research data and analyzing the data.

An environmental sales engineer is the person who sells the equipment designed by environmental engineers to businesses. By furthering your education and receiving a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering, you will open the doors to additional opportunities. These include supervisory and managerial positions in the environmental engineering industry. In addition to a degree, environmental engineers are encouraged to become a state Licensed Professional Engineer. The degree program you graduate from must be accredited by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology in order to become eligible for this license. With this license, you can start saving the world from global warming and help conserve energy today.