Computer Engineering

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[h2]The Computer Engineering Degree[/h2]

As computers have become more common in our lives, more people are needed to understand, design, develop and build these machines. By earning a Computer Engineering Degree, you will learn the field that combines electrical engineering with computer science thereby becoming astute in understanding how computer systems work and are developed. Computer engineers create, inspect and build entire computer systems including the networking, operations, design and integrated circuits. The engineers are sometimes the unsung heroes on projects, and don’t always get the credit for a new innovations. The engineer generally knows the bigger picture and end results and praise the individual who simply had an idea, when, in fact, the input, design and ultimate build complete by the computer engineer is the cause for the innovation to be created in the first place.

While enrolled at this degree program, you will take courses that will teach you practical engineering skills, theoretical concepts and teach you how to work best in a team setting. You will learn how to conduct research efficiently, plan for a new project, design a computer system or network, and evaluate both software and hardware systems. With a Degree in Computer Engineering, you will build a set of skills that are valuable to a number of different industries for various positions such as design engineers, quality control engineers, development engineers, and computer architects.

Computer engineers have the opportunity to work on a number of different types of projects and often work with other types of engineers such as civil engineers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers. The Computer Engineering Degree is offered as a Bachelor’s Degree both at campus colleges and online colleges. Although many people choose to enter the workforce upon completion of their Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering, there are some people who may choose to further their education and advance their skills by earning a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering. The Master’s Degree is also available both on campus and online.