[h2]Chemistry Degree & Related Programs[/h2]

[h2]The Chemistry Degree[/h2]

Chemistry is the study of matter, molecules and their structure, properties, composition and reactions with other chemicals. Those who choose to study and earn a Chemistry Degree often choose to specialize in a particular area of interest as chemistry is a very broad subject. While earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, you will take classes in mathematics such as calculus, biology, and physics. Some of the different specializations include biochemistry, environmental chemistry, inorganic or organic chemistry, physical chemistry and nanoscience chemistry. While studying for this degree, you can expect a combination of classes involving lectures, laboratory time and research.

Upon graduation with a Chemistry Degree, some people choose to go on to Medical School while others may choose to continue their studies by earning a Master’s Degree in Chemistry or a Ph.D. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, you can also qualify for a number of entry-level positions in a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company. With an advanced degree, you will quality yourself to become a teacher or professor of chemistry, or hold a research position at a biochemistry, pharmaceutical or biotechnical firm.

Chemical research will always be important to society and therefore the industry will always need people with Chemistry Degrees. People who earn these degrees can also find careers in agriculture or medicine. Although a four-year Chemistry Degree is most often offered at campus colleges and universities due to the high number of laboratory classes required of the degree, the Master’s Degree in Chemistry is offered at a number of different online colleges and universities.