Veterinary Technician

[h2]Veterinary Technician Degree & Related Programs[/h2]

[h2]The Vet Technician and Veterinarian Assistant Degrees[/h2]

The veterinarian technician or the veterinarian assistant is to a veterinarian what a nurse might be to a doctor. The vet tech assists the veterinarian with specific duties such as clinical work in private practices and always working under a licensed vet. Although not required, it is highly advised to earn at least a two-year Associate’s Veterinary Technician Degree from an accredited college program. Some of the courses you will take include biology, chemistry, animal anatomy, and math courses. You will get extensive hands-on training and learn how to use the diagnostic and medical equipment that is required to know in this industry. A vet tech or vet assistant will perform tests like a urinalysis, take blood samples and blood counts, assist vets with dental care and prepare tissue samples. As a vet tech, you will also need to be able to speak with the owners of the animals, your patients. Although most veterinarian technicians will work with small house pets such as dogs and cats, you will also learn about other animals such as horses, pigs, rats, birds, fish and others while earning a Veterinary Technician Degree. If you want to advance your career as a vet technician, it is highly recommended that you pursue a four year Bachelor’s Degree in a related field.