Ultrasound Technician Degree & Sonography

Ultrasound Technician Degree and Sonography Degree

Ultrasound Technician Sonographer For some people, diagnosing diseases or trauma using ultrasound images sounds appealing and may choose to start this extremely rewarding career by earning an Ultrasound Technician & Sonographer Degree. Ultrasound technicians, or Sonographers, are experts with ultrasound equipment and capturing images of people’s bodies using high frequency waves. They also execute the equipment repairs, observe patients during tests, process the ultrasound film, as well as measure and calculate test results for reporting. Those that enjoy working with technology and also want to work in the healthcare industry may succeed as an ultrasound technician. A two year Associate’s Degree or four year Bachelors’ Degree from an accredited college is essential to starting a career in Sonography or as a Ultrasound Technician. While in school, you will take courses such as physics, patient care, anatomy, vascular technology and abdominal sonography. In addition to becoming a sonographer, you can specialize is a particular area such as electrocardiography, neurology, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology or vascular technology. Some of the education and training that you will learn includes anatomy, physiology, pathology data recording, learning how to obtain and review patients’ histories, how to give patient instruction and care, sonographic data processing, operating sonography equipment and learning basic medical ethics and standards.