Respiratory Therapy

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[h2]The Respiratory Therapy Degree[/h2]

Respiratory therapists are those who listen, evaluate, care and treat patients with their breathing and cardiopulmonary issues. As the baby boomer generation ages, those needing a cardio pulmonary doctor increases, and therefore the demand for this type of therapist increases. The most popular degree is the Associate’s in Respiratory Therapy Degree and it is meant to teach students the skills needed for an entry-level position as a respiratory therapist in a hospital or clinic. Some of the skills you will learn include training in the latest developments in respiratory care, covering areas such as cardiopulmonary diagnostics, critical care, pediatric care and traditional respiratory care. Courses may include anatomy, basic biomedical sciences, clinical expressions, clinical medicine, data collection, physiology, pathology of the respiratory system and therapeutic procedures. If you are interested in advancing in your career as a respiratory therapist, you may also want to consider a Bachelor’s Degree in Respiratory Therapy. This program focuses on the skills needed for supervisory positions and many of the programs will accept credits from your Associate’s Degree in Respiratory Therapy. The Respiratory Therapy Degree program is offered as an online degree at many schools as well.