Patient Care Technician

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[h2]The Patient Care Technician Degree[/h2]

Those individuals who choose to work directly with doctor or hospital patients must have a certain amount of compassion and patience in order to deal with sick, injured, and critically ill people. If pursuing a medical degree is not something you are interested in, you may want to consider a Patient Care Technician Degree. Patient Care Technicians assist and work with physicians and registered nurses providing direct patient care in a number of different settings including medical centers, hospitals and private practitioners. Those with a Patient Care Technician Degree can expect to monitor patients’ vital signs, reactions to medications, obtain specimens, create medical records, perform basic therapies and assist patients who are post surgery. There are a number of different facility types that graduates of a Degree in Patient Care Technician can work in, including a nursing home, hospital, rehabilitation center, physician office and more. The Patient Care Technician Degree can be earned as an online degree and can also be earned in as little as nine months, as a Certificate of Patient Care Technician.