Medical Billing & Coding

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[h2]The Medical Billing and Coding Degree[/h2]

One of the fastest growing occupations are those that perform medical billing and medical coding. As the baby boomer generation starts utilizing healthcare more often and at a higher rate, hospitals, doctors and medical centers alike are in need of those who understand how to process medical billing and coding. Although billing and coding are two separate processes, the Medical Billing & Coding Degree covers both because one depends on the other and most professionals in the industry perform both processes. While earning this degree, you will learn a massive number of codes that cover everything from administering medical tests to diagnosing a disease and observing progress to recording test results. Billing is usually submitted to insurance companies with the codes that you recorded. This is why the Medical Billing & Coding Degree encompasses both procedures. Some of the skills you will learn while earning this degree includes understanding medical terminology, specific computer software programs, how to manage databases and how to code data. When searching for a school that offers a Medical Billing & Coding Degree, you will find that many of these degrees are offered online and can be completed in as little as nine months.