Homeland Security

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[h2]The Homeland Security Degree[/h2]

Homeland Security Patrol Training With the attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, the United States government made it clear that Homeland Security is a priority and going to be an increasingly important department. With this increased need, came about the Homeland Security Degree offered at numerous colleges around the country. The Homeland Security Degree program will help those enrolled understand how we secure our borders, waterways, seaports, and airports. Additionally, you will learn how the United States prepares for natural disasters, man-made disasters, provide counter-terrorism, and the latest in security technology. The Homeland Security Degree will put you in a better position to start a career with a private or public sector job such as corporate or government security. The knowledge and skills you will gain from earning this type of degree will set you apart and ahead of the competition. Many Homeland Security Degrees are offered through online colleges or as an online degree from a campus college.