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Fire Fighters at Work Have you always dreamed about saving lives? As a kid, did you watch firefighters go by while in awe of their bravery and heroics? Firefighters don’t just save cats from trees, but also save lives, homes and buildings from burning to the ground. They also understand fires and although you do not need to get a Fire Science Degree in order to become a fire fighter, it is available and could speed up your advancement of when considering a career in firefighting. While studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Science or a Fire Science Management Degree, you may learn about tactical fire operations, principles of fire science, methods of controlling types of fires, fire safety, leadership & management, fire prevention, hazardous materials and applicable laws and regulations. Some schools offer a Fire Services Administration Degree that will also teach you how to manage and control entire fire departments and conduct fire inspections, in addition to what you would learn with a Fire Science Degree. All of these degrees are offered as an online degree so you can earn your degree while working or volunteering in your community.