Criminal Justice Degrees

Criminal Justice Degrees – Make The Law Your Career

Criminal Justice Collage Criminal Justice Degrees have grown in popularity over the last decade, mostly because the number of different career options stemming from this degree has also grown, not only in breadth but also in demand. Criminal justice is not just a field of study but also a direct application of the law including the judiciary system, law enforcement, probation and corrections.

The Criminal Justice Degree incorporates the study of criminology, a social science understanding the causes of why people do what they do, most specifically pertaining to criminal behavior and criminal activity.

The Criminal Justice Degree, or the “CJ Degree”, is offered at many Colleges as an online degree or as a campus degree. Both degrees receive the same education and prepare students for what’s next in their career paths.

What Other Criminal Justice Degrees are Available

There are also degrees available at all levels including an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice, Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice. A few of the career choices that people look to upon graduation with this degree include a career in law enforcement, forensic science, government agencies, probation, corrections or parole officer, and a career in law or social work.