Court Reporting Degree

A Court Reporting Degree Might Be for You Because?

Student learning Court Reporting The Court Reporting Degree can be one of the most interesting and unique programs that could help land you a fascinating job in a captivating industry. In order to even become a court reporter, you are required to complete a 2-4 year Associate’s or Bachelor’s Court Reporting Degree program.

While Earning Your Court Reporting Degree, What to Expect

While studying court reporting, you will learn extensive legal vocabulary, real-time reporting and computer-aided transcription as well as appellate & criminal procedures. You might not believe it now, but by the time you complete this course you should be able to type 225 words per minute! Although there are a number of court reporters who work in court and for the court, more are actually freelance reporters who are self-employed or work for private companies and are hired by law offices and attorneys to record depositions and arbitration.

If you’re looking for a flexible and rewarding career, you might consider returning to school to earn a Court Reporting Degree.