Network Systems Administration

Network Systems Administration Degree & Related Programs

The Network Systems Administration Degree

network systems administrator working Computer networks are complex systems that require expert knowledge and highly educated individuals to install, monitor and troubleshoot these systems. If you want to be a critical asset to a company by understanding how their computer networks and data systems are run, then consider a Network Systems Administration Degree.

Objectives of this career include, but are not limited to installing and configuring servers, switches and routers, installing and activating accounts and security systems, monitoring servers and network performance as well as troubleshooting problems that occur within the entire system. Some of the areas you will study while earning a Degree in Network Systems include network operating systems, network systems design and network systems implementation. Other skills you will learn as part of the Network Systems Administration Degree include learning about local and wide area networks (LAN and WAN), understanding how switches and routers work, learning about network security, shell commands and scripting as well as learning basic C+ computer programming.

In addition to qualifying for a position as a network systems technician, other career opportunities include junior network administrator, LAN administrator, WAN administrator, or technical support specialist. The Network Systems Administration Degree is available as an online degree at many colleges so you can choose to work full time and have the flexibility of attending classes online to complete the required coursework. Online degrees are becoming more popular due to the rise in gas cost and the convenience of attending classes from your home.