Cyber Crime Degree & Related Programs

The Cyber Crime Degree

Cybercrime Computer Analyst What is cybercrime and who fights it? Cybercrime involves criminal activity associated with information technology security and data theft. You hear stories everyday about identity theft or hackers getting into a company’s computer system and stealing confidential information. Therefore, and for good reason, there is a lot of worry in this world about identity theft and online security breaching, which leads to information such as social security numbers being released to criminals. Law enforcement is looking for individuals who have specialized education in understanding network security, the Internet, computer programming skills, security protocol knowledge in addition to law enforcement knowledge and the understanding of criminal investigation techniques. By going back to college to earn a Criminal Justice Degree with an emphasis on Cybercrime, you can put yourself on a career path to achieving a leading role in fighting Cybercrime. Some of the courses that you will take include criminal justice classes, data analysis, Internet & networking security, cyber policing as well as psychology and sociology. There are some online Criminal Justice Degree programs offering the Cybercrime concentration.