Computer Information Systems Degree

Computer Information Systems Degree

managing computer information systems Have you ever stopped to think about who actually builds the software used in retail point-of-sales systems, in automobile systems, the accounting system that you use, or your iPod? The Computer Information Systems Degree is offered to those people who are interested in pursuing a career in designing, building and implementing these software systems that are used in all facets of our lives.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems

You can choose between a number of different specializations that can lead you on a path towards a new and exciting career. Some of the specializations include business management, computer forensics, database management, health information systems, systems analysis, and web game programming. A Computer Information Systems Manager supervises all or part of an information technology department, including the computer software engineers and computer programmers. They develop and implement all the plans and necessary activities required for installing and upgrading various computer systems and software products, as well as ensuring all personnel play their part during development and implementation.

Courses to Expect Earning a Computer Information Systems Degree

Includes advanced programming and algorithms, control structures, management information systems, systems analysis, and design. While searching for a degree, you may come across a Computer Information Systems Associate’s Degree as well as a Computer Information Systems Bachelor’s Degree which require a different number of total credits and requirements to complete. The level of education you obtain, will help determine which profession you may qualify for upon graduation as well as determine whether you are eligible to continue furthering your education with advanced courses in Computer Information Systems Degree.