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Merchandise Management – Sales Degree & Related Programs

The Merchandise Management & Sales Degree

For some people, working in a retail store is just a high school part-time job, but for others retail and the fashion world are considered a passion. If you want to advance your career from floor clerk to manager of an entire division at a popular major retailer, consider a Merchandise Management Degree. You will learn retail management and merchandising, combined with the business and computer skills necessary for you to succeed in the fashion or retail industry. Some of the specific skills you will learn when earning this degree include presentation of apparel & accessories, fashion merchandising, retail purchasing, projecting sales, image consulting, specialized marketing and learning how to asses a customer’s needs. This is such an exciting degree for those interested in fashion and retail. The best part is that if you are currently working in a retail job, you can continue to work while earning your degree online through one of the many colleges that offer the Merchandise Management Degree online.