Hospitality Management Degree

Hospitality Management Degree – The Hospitality Industry Will Never Disappear

hospitality management professional The United States has always been a very popular tourist country for citizens around the world. As many other countries continue to thrive and grow, this gives their citizens the opportunity to travel to places they haven’t been, such as the USA. There are many cities in the United States that depend not only on international hospitality, but also domestic tourists, to drive their economies. Because of this, the hospitality industry will continually be in high demand. Hospitality is a really exciting, but demanding, industry that requires many people to make it all come together. This is a great reason why you should consider a Hospitality Management Degree.

Why Should I Go to School to Earn a Degree in Hospitality Management?

The hospitality industry can be very demanding, but it’s a fun industry at times and therefore can be very competitive. In order to set yourself apart from the rest of the competition, you should consider earning a Degree in Hospitality Management. By earning this degree, you will not only take courses that are relevant to the industry, customer service, and understanding people, but you might have the opportunity to network with people in the industry which can open doors for you when you are ready to start your career. If you enjoy working with people, organizing events, managing staffs, and seeing through a successfully executed event created by you, a Hospitality Management Degree is definitely worth looking into.

What Kind of Courses Can I Expect By Earning This Hospitality Degree?

In addition to learning core business courses, you will also learn about events management, events marketing, staffing and human resource management, as well as operations and supply chain management. You may also specialize in an area and take classes like restaurant operations, quality foods preparation, food purchasing, wine and spirits, and sanitation and safety.

I’m Not Going to School to Become a Bartender: What Else Can I Become?

There are so many career options you can pursue after earning a Hospitality Management Degree. There certainly are positions within the restaurant industry that are not just services and bartenders, but include Food & Beverage Managers, Resort Timeshare Management, or Hotel Operations.  Additionally, there is global tourism that includes the Airline Industry and Sustainability of Tourism.  There is also the event industry which ranges from catering to hospitality marketing, to event management and much more! Many schools offer Certificates in Hospitality Management that you can complete in a shorter period of time than a full degree in hospitality management.