Bookkeeping Degree

Bookkeeping Degree: You Can Be in Business Too!

Bookkeeping College Student on Computer While businesses prepare to file their tax returns each quarter or each year, they must provide their accountants with lengthy files documenting their revenues and expenses from the previous quarter or year.  Bookkeepers make sure that all revenues, expenses, costs and other transactions are recorded for a business so that accurate financial statements can be created and used for business planning.  If you have an interest in checks and balances, and crunching numbers, you should consider a Bookkeeping Degree.


Why Go Back to School to Get a Degree in Bookkeeping?

Many people will use the terms accounting and bookkeeping interchangeably. Although accounting definitely requires bookkeeping, what you may not realize is that if you are looking to advance yourself as a bookkeeper, and not an accountant, then you have the option of earning a Bookkeeping Degree instead of a four-year Accounting Degree.  A Bookkeeping Degree can either be earned as a Certificate or an Associate’s Degree which are typically shorter than that of a Bachelor’s Degree.

Career Options for Bookkeeping Degree Graduates

With this sort of degree, you can expect to perform part-time, full-time or even freelance work for a business as a bookkeeping clerk, accounting clerk or auditing clerk. Generally, you must work your way through an entry-level position, but bookkeepers are necessary in all sorts of small businesses including restaurants, dog groomers, real estate agents, consulting services companies, and even if you decide to become self-employed and run your own company, you will need to do your own bookkeeping (or, if you hire someone else, you should understand your own books)!

Where Do You Earn a Degree in Bookkeeping?

The greatest part about earning a Bookkeeping Degree is that you have the opportunity to learn in an online classroom if you desire. The benefits of earning a degree online are the flexibility, the lack of commuting time, and the endless options for learning resources.  With this flexibility, you may use your extra time to hold a part-time or full-time job or take care of your family. There are also a number of campus colleges that offer Certificates in Bookkeeping.