Accounting Degree

Accounting Degree: It’s Not Just Crunching Numbers

Tax season always seems like a burden to the average person in the United States, but to the Tax Accountant, it is a large portion of their business.  Have you ever thought about being on the other side of the coin from January through April 15 every year? Did you know that not all accountants are tax accountants? If you have always thought of a career in business, but enjoy numbers and understanding a business’s profits and losses, you should consider going back to college to earn an Accounting Degree.

What Can I Learn With an Accounting Degree?

College Student Earning Accounting Degree Before choosing to pursue a degree in business, specifically a Degree in Accounting, you may ask yourself: where can an Accounting Degree get me in life? For starters, let’s discuss the definition of an accountant.  An accountant is a licensed professional who has taken the necessary tests to become a certified public accountant, or a CPA. While you must past a series of tests in order to become a licensed professional accountant, a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting is sometimes required in order to take these tests in certain states. Therefore, if you are considering a career in accounting, it is oftentimes encouraged to pursue a Business Degree with an emphasis on Accounting.

What Will I Learn As an Accounting Major?

When studying Accounting, you are studying a part of business administration. Every business must  learn accounting in order to survive, or else they will run out of money or never know where their revenue is coming from. Therefore, when you are studying towards an Accounting Degree, you are typically studying business in all forms. You will probably take core classes that involve Mathematics, Science, Arts & Communications. Then you will most likely move on to your classes such as Micro & Macroeconomics, business math, business law, tax accounting and managerial accounting.

What Are My Career Options Once I Earn My Accounting Degree?

Every single business, corporation and organization, whether small or large, needs some form of an accounting department and therefore, the demand for accounting graduates can be high. While earning your accounting degree and studying for your exams, you will become extremely versed in the tax code, finances and tax issues. Because computer software is capable of doing a lot of the same work that accountants used to do many years ago, more and more accounting departments spend time doing deep analysis, and due diligence as well as assisting companies in making critical business decisions. Take the next step towards your Accounting Degree here.