Web & Graphic Design Degree

Going Back to School for a Web Design Degree or Graphic Design Degree

The World Wide Web Design Until around the 1990s, most graphic designers focused their work on print advertisements, brochures, marketing materials, product packaging, logos, billboard advertisements and more. Developing in the 90s, the Internet started to boom and now graphic designers were taking initiative to learn website designing as well. Although you have the possibility to earn a Degree in Graphic Design or a Degree in Web Design, you can also earn a combination Web & Graphic Design Degree today.


What is Graphic Design and What Does the Degree Entail?

Graphic design is combining text and graphical elements innovatively as an effective means of communication. Understanding computer software is a large component of the Graphic Design Degree.  One of the most popular computer programs for graphic designers is the Adobe Suite of products that include Illustrator, InDesign, and PhotoShop to name a few.

What about a Web Design Degree? What Can I Expect to Learn?

In addition to graphic design, a Graphic & Web Design Degree can arm you with knowledge of web programs and programming such as the Macromedia Suite, Java, Flash, HTML, CSS and more. Classes you might take will prepare you to be skilled in certain fields such as vector graphics, imaging, animation, and scripting to name a few.

How the Graphic Design Degree & Web Design Degree
Can Help You Achieve The Career You Want

Earning a Graphic Degree & Web Design Degree can really put you ahead of your competition when searching for a job, as you will have not only learned how to use industry-specific software but also gain the skills necessary to succeed in the business world as a designer.  While studying for this type of degree, other career possibilities that you might keep in mind for graphic designers include logo designers, layout artists, multimedia designers, photo editors, and technical illustrators.  After a few years in the industry some people will strive to become a Creative Director at an advertising firm or agency as this can be considered a very prestigious and well-regarded career. Another option for graphic designers and web designers is to become self-employed as a freelancer. This takes tremendous discipline and business skills, but these are the type of skills you will hopefully gain by going back to college for your degree.