Video Game Design Degree

Video Game Design Degree – Turn Your Hobby into a Reality

College Student Designing a Video Game Do you spend incalculable time playing video games in the comfort of your own home? Have you channeled this energy into coming up with the idea for the next greatest video game? It is possible to make your dream become a reality by going back to college to earn a Video Game Design Degree. With the billions of dollars invested into the video game industry, you are bound to find a niche to call your own.

Why Should I Study Video Game Design?

Because video games today are so complex in design and technology, a degree in learning how to make video games will make you a more desirable candidate for a job as a video game designer.  While studying for a Degree in Game Design, you will take many classes in many different fields so as to complete a robust study.  Some of the classes you might take include, but are not limited to: computer graphics, 3D animation, mathematics & algorithms, C++ or Javascript, color theories, drawing, game design and more.  In addition, you will learn all of the different phases of video game production; from the requirements document to the marketing and packaging of the game itself.

Where Are Video Game Design Degrees Offered?

Because the Video Game Design Degree has become increasingly popular over the past few years, many traditional colleges and universities have started to offer classes towards this degree online. In addition, online colleges are offering the entire Video Game Degree as part of their school.

Types of Careers Offered for Video Game Design Degree Graduates

Pursuing the Video Game Design Degree will help you gain the skills necessary to develop both computer and console as well as tablet or Smartphone games. In this booming industry, the demand for these types of programmers and designers is very strong. The types of careers available for those with a Degree in Video Game Designing include development work, character or game level design, computer programming, and game testing. When entering the work force, you can expect entry-level positions with the opportunity to gain responsibility and success throughout your career.