Theater & Stage Degree

Theater Degree or earning an Acting Degree

College Stage Theater Auditorium Have you always dreamed of coming to New York City and singing on a Broadway stage? Do you feel as though you live a parallel life to the kids in the hit TV show, Glee? Do you just have a passion for and want a career in the theater, acting or stage industry? If so, then you might want to consider studying Theater at a College or University and earning a Theater Degree.


What Kind of Studying can I Anticipate with a Theater Degree?

There are a number of colleges and universities across the United States that offer a Bachelor’s Degree in Theater, making way for the thousands of young aspiring singers, actors, and dancers to become Broadway stars.  This degree type is not only available for those who are interested in performing on the stage, but also those who are interested in being a part of the backstage.  While earning a Degree in Theater, you will have the opportunity to specialize in a concentration of your choice.  Many will choose to concentrate on their acting and singing skills, while others may decide to learn more about becoming a writer or director.  Some of the courses you can expect to take while earning a Degree in Performing Arts may also include stage makeup, stage directing, literature, history of theater, costuming & scenery, script analysis and more.

Besides an Actor, What are My Career Options with an Acting  Degree?

Realistically, not everyone will make it as an actor, and maybe you aren’t even interested in acting, singing or dancing.  Maybe you are interested in the technical or scripture side of the stage and theater.  In addition to being an actor on the stage, you might consider a career as a playwright, theater director, producer, make-up artist, talent agent, costume designer, set designer, technical director, lighting or sound technician or stage manager.  The great thing about earning this type of degree is that you will learn a little about all of these careers, and you will also learn how each of them relate to each other to create a successful production.

Where can I get a Performing Arts Degree?

By earning a Theater Degree or a Performing Arts Degree, you will set yourself apart from those who have no formal education in the industry.  The theater has a very competitive landscape both on stage and off stage and earning a college degree will give you an edge when vying for a popular career choice. The Performing Arts Degree is offered at many colleges and universities around the country, so make sure to search for your zip code. You can also look into online degrees that offer courses in Theater and Performing Arts.