Recording & Broadcasting Degree

Recording & Broadcasting Degree

College Student in Radio Broadcast Booth For some people, playing and listening to music is a passion. Although not all of these people have the talent to turn his or her music passion into a career as a musician, singer or entertainer, this should not stop a person from pursuing a career in the music industry.  Have you ever thought about what goes on behind the scenes in the music industry?  Is this something that might interest you? If you enjoy music to the point you want it to be a part of your everyday life, but do not have the musical talent, consider earning a Degree in Recording & Broadcasting at a local or online college or university.


What to Expect from a Radio Broadcasting Degree

When you watch the Grammy’s the broadcast will typically spend about 60-90 seconds telling you about all the “other winners.” These are the winners that are behind the recording, the sound, the mixology, the writing of songs and the broadcasting or videographer of music videos. These are the people behind the sound you hear on the radio!  Understanding audio production and recording quality is a high-tech skill that can be learned while earning a Degree in Digital Recording. Some of the classes that you might take while studying for a Recording & Broadcasting Degree might include communications, radio operations, marketing and advertising, programming, journalism, and management.  Other specific courses you might take also include the History of Audio, Applied Acoustics, Information Technology, Electronics, and Operation of Audio Equipment.

What Kind of Careers Can I Aspire To By Studying Radio Broadcasting?

Studying audio production can prepare you for a career in music recording, Television & Film production, sound engineering, high-tech software companies, MIDI production, and other audio related careers. There are different types of positions that may be available for graduates of the Recording & Broadcasting Degree, including music publishing & production, record production, sound system installation, special events, record labels or you can even start your own consulting company with the skills you will learn while earning this degree.

Where Can I Take Classes Towards a Degree in Recording & Broadcasting?

Depending on whether you are interested in pursuing a two-year Associate of Arts Degree or a Certificate Program, you will have a number of different choice colleges and universities that offer this type of Radio Broadcasting program. There are many online colleges that offer an Associate’s Degree in Recording & Broadcasting while there are a number of campus career colleges and online universities that offer a Certificate in this field. For a list of colleges that offer Recording & Broadcasting Degree, you can visit’s search page.