Photography Degree

The Photography Degree and Digital Photography Degree: How to Choose

College Student Taking Pictures From the time we are young, we are either getting photographed as children or we start documenting our own lives through the camera lens. Photography becomes a hobby for many of these people, and for most, they probably won’t choose to pursue it as a profession. If you have a deep burning desire to photograph your life, events, still-life, portraits, landscapes, food, products or anything else, you could consider earning a Photography Degree at a local or online college.


Why Pursue a Degree in Photography?

Earning a Degree in Photography will not only help teach you the skills of physically using the camera, but also the business facets of becoming a freelance or full-time photographer. Some of the areas of photography that you will learn include lighting, composition and color. You will also learn how to use your camera manually so you can understand how to adjust the aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance. In addition to these skills, you will learn how to digitally edit your photos, how to use composition and lighting to take beautiful portraits, and even how to manage events such as weddings or parties.

Where Can I Find a Photography Program?

There are many different types of schools that offer classes in photography, including adult-education, local photography stores, community colleges, as well as private colleges and universities. If you are serious about photography as a career, and willing to put the time and effort into earning a Photography Degree, then consider one of the many campus and online colleges that offer this degree.

Careers You Can Pursue with a Photography Degree

In addition to a full-time photography opportunity with a media company such as a newspaper or managing, you can also look for freelance work.  Many newspapers, magazines, or even websites hire freelance photographers when they are in need of specific subjects. There are also a number of other career options that you can consider with a Photography Degree. As a photographer, you might want to consider a career in advertising, photo-journalism, or even joining a marketing department of a large corporation. Some photographers love the human figure and consider it an art form. These photographers turn to careers in fashion and modeling photography and you can too!