Interior Design Degree

Interior Design Degree & Decorating Degree

Interior Design College Student Whether you’re in an office building, a hotel or someone’s home, you may be in awe of the design of the interior of the structure. Clearly, someone, or a team of people, had a well thought-out design and space plan to creating a visual effect on you. There is more to good interior design than just colors, patterns, fabrics and textures. There is also the functionality that is necessary on the interior of a building or a room. Who are the people that know all of this? Many of them are graduates of Interior Design Degrees.


What is an Interior Decorating Degree and What Will I Learn?

If you are thinking about pursuing a career in interior design, it is advisable to go back to college to earn an Interior Design Degree. With this degree, you will learn about how to connect people with space, whether it’s the space they live in, work in, or even play in, such as a gym or classroom. You will learn how to incorporate your own style, design and beauty into the functionality of a space. Some of the courses and computer software programs you will learn include the Adobe Suites: Lightroom, Illustrator, PhotoShop, and InDesign. You can also learn how to use software specifically design for a Mac such as Apple Aperture.

What Types of Careers Can I Look Forward to
With an Interior Design and Decorating Degree?

An Interior Design Degree can help get you prepared for a many types of careers, just an Interior Decorator. Some of the professions that you will learn the skills for include architectural assistant, space planner, or project designer. Pursuing an apprenticeship is common for those who seek employment upon graduating with this degree. An apprenticeship will teach you everything you need to know about the particular career you want to pursue. You will learn firsthand from someone in the field, and gain experience that those who only learn in the classroom can’t learn.

Where Can I Get an Interior Design Degree?

In addition to a traditional campus degree, Interior Design Degrees are also offered as online degrees at some schools. Going to an online college to earn a degree is convenient for many reasons including the opportunity for flexibility and convenience of working from your own home.