Fashion Design Degree

Fashion Design Degree – Become the Next Calvin Klein

College Student Fashion Design Sketch Have you always wanted to be the next Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, or Calvin Klein? Do you love reading fashion magazines, watching runway shows on TV or in person, or do you sneak into Fashion Week in New York City, Paris or Milan? If you have a passion for fashion, you may want to consider making it a career. No longer will you need to “sneak” into Fashion Week, but picture yourself working the next Fashion Week! How can you make this dream come true? Consider going back to school to earn a Degree in Fashion Design.


What will a Fashion Design Degree do to Help Me With My Career?

With a Fashion Design Degree, you are taking the first step towards your dream career. If you have the talent, drive, ambition and business-sense to make it in the fashion industry, then earning this degree will be the launching pad for your career. The Fashion Industry is highly competitive, and some might consider it cut-throat. With the necessary background skills and education of history, fabric, fashion and business, you are putting yourself ahead of the competition. While earning your Degree in Fashion Design, you will take classes that might be about the fashion industry, merchandising and retail management, fashion journalism, textiles, visual merchandising, and store design. In addition to textiles, you might learn everything from sewing, design, and types of fabrics to ornamentation such as lacing and jewels.

The Fashion Industry is a Business, and Therefore You Will Learn Business

In addition to learning about all of the design aspects, you will also gain knowledge in business such as how to start a business, managing a retail business, marketing in the fashion industry and more. You will learn about financing a business, how to think like an entrepreneur and other business principles. Earning your Fashion Design degree will provide you with the knowledge necessary to position yourself for a career in the fashion industry.

What Types of Jobs Can I Expect To Work At With a Degree in Fashion Design?

Though fashion and textile design careers are the most sought after, other careers such as costume design for theatre or film are also very appealing to Fashion Design Students. You will also be set up with the skills to take on a job as a merchandiser, fashion buyer, or manager within the retail industry. If you cannot get an entry-level career with a major fashion designer, as you wish, and you have the funds, you could consider selling clothing out of your house. There are many opportunities to succeed with a Fashion Design Degree, you just have to get started first!