Creative Writing Degree

Earn a Creative Writing Degree & Become the Author You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Creative Writing College Student With today’s technology, becoming a writer may seem easier than in the past with all the available communication tools, writing tools, blog platforms and more. Due to this high accessibility for anyone to write, the competition in today’s writer’s world is also much higher in today’s society. If you are thinking about story-telling or expressing yourself through words for a living, you may want to consider going back to school to earn a Creative Writing Degree.


What Will I Learn With the Creative Writing Degree?

Do you enjoy reading and writing stories, poetry, or prose? If you are considering returning to college to earn a Degree in Creative Writing, you will find yourself studying all of the above. Because everyone thinks that they can become a writer by posting their work on the Internet, you will set yourself apart from those who have not formally studied writing by earning a degree in this field. Those who enroll in a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing will study literature, documentaries, short fiction and story-telling among other facets of the writing industry.

What Are My Creative Writing Career Options?

In addition to becoming a writer, those who Graduate with a Creative Writing Degree will be better prepared for a career in publishing, screenwriting, teaching, non-fiction writing as well as fiction writing. You will not only arm yourself with the skills to become an author, but you will learn about the entire publishing industry, what kind of organization is required to write a screenplay, and give you opportunities to teach what you are learning at an elementary, secondary or even post-secondary level of education.

Creative Writing is a Universal Program Offered Online and On Campus

The best part about earning a Degree in Creative Writing is that many of these programs are offered as online degrees, allowing you to finish your work and “attend class” when it is most convenient for you. With this type of convenience, you are able to work full-time while also earning your degree. This type of time management may prepare you for a time in your life when you might be working full-time while also taking on personal writing projects simultaneously. In addition to the online colleges, there are a number of different campus career colleges that offer Creative Writing as a Degree Program.