Architecture & CAD Degree

Become the Next Frank Lloyd Wright with an Architecture & CAD Degree

How Easy Is it to Earn an Architecture & CAD Degree?

Architecture and CAD Students Working Opportunities in earning an Digital Architecture Degree today have increased due to the number of Online Architecture & CAD Degree programs and schools available. Have you been designing homes with pencil and paper since you were young? Do you oftentimes drive around neighborhoods looking at the different homes and building because you are fascinated by the different styles? Whether you are interested in learning about famous architects such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Frank Lloyd Wright and the history of different types of architecture or you want to become the next famous architect, you should consider earning a college degree in Architecture or Auto CAD.

What Do I Need to Do to Get My Foot in the Door? No Pun Intended.

There are a number of important requirements necessary for an individual in order to become a professional architect or CAD designer. First, you must apply to a few different colleges and universities that offer the Architecture Degree. Some of these may be online colleges, if you are already working full-time, or you can consider looking into a traditional college on campus. While looking at the different Architecture programs that are offered, focus on the specific classes that are being offered at each school. This may help you decide which college you want to attend. In many cases, you will learn not only the artistic side of studying architecture and design, but you will also learn the business components to becoming an architect including how to cater to clients, how to prepare blueprints & models, and how to work on a planning team.

I Like to Design. Is the Architecture & CAD Degree Better for Me?

What is CAD? CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design and AutoCAD is a computer design software program that designers of all sorts use. CAD programs help designers create architectural drawings in both 2D and 3D while using disciplines such as mathematics, physics, and structural design. A CAD Design Degree may be able to help you land an entry-level drafting or designing position with an architectural firm or even an engineering firm.

Choose From Different Architectural Concentrations

Some Architectural & CAD Degree offer various concentrations depending on your area of interest. It is a good idea to take all the necessary general courses prior to determining your concentration, unless you already have an idea of what you want to do upon graduation. Architecture is heavily focused on mathematics, in addition to design, so it is recommended that you take a math refresher course prior to entering college if you do not feel that your math skills are up to speed. There are many different types of Digital Architecture Degree programs available, ranging from part-time online programs to full-time 2-3 year Bachelor programs, and there is also a combined Bachelor’s & Master’s Degree program.