Digital Animation Degree

Digital Animation Degree – Become the Designer You Have Always Dreamed Of

Is the Digital Animation Degree Right for Me?

3d animation character Children often use their free time to draw, color, paint, or just create. Some adults may continue drawing or designing well past childhood, through high school and maybe even into adulthood. Maybe you are one of these individuals that likes to enjoy spending time creating from scratch using markers or even the computer. Have you ever thought about turning your childhood hobby into a career?

What Kinds of Classes Will I Take While Earning My Degree?

Degrees in Computer Animation offer programs in drawing techniques using both pencil & paper, as well as the latest computer technology. Students of Animation Programs also learn survival skills for working your way through a competitive landscape. You may learn business skills such as marketing to help with opening your mind and creativity, while you will also learn how to incorporate your designs with dialogue, text and content, such as that on websites. You will also learn the business aspects of the industry like understanding how to handle clients, prioritize, and teamwork. While earning an Animation Degree, you will also learn how to create storyboards and how to use the latest design computer software.

Will I Find a Career in Digital Animation?

A 3D Digital Animation Degree can open the doors for you to a number of different career opportunities. Those who graduate will be prepared to apply their skills to different careers such as cartoon drawing, working on movies, video games or even an advertising career. Some of the pre-production careers you might look forward to striving for include Art Director, Production Designer, Effects Designer, Storyboard Supervisor, Character Designer, Pre-Visual Artists or Head of Tools. Some of the jobs available in Production include Director of Photography, Visual Effects Supervisor (VFX), Modeling TD, Shading TD, 3D Tracker/Match Mover, Character Animator, Production Assistant and many more.

Where Can I Learn About 3D Animation Programs?

There are schools all around the United States that offer Computer Animation Degrees at both on-campus colleges as well as at online universities. Because the Animation Degree is Digital and offered through the computer, you will receive as fulfilling a degree from an online program as you would if you were going to school at a physical campus. The advantage of going to school online includes the fact that your schedule is much more flexible allowing you the opportunity to go to school while you’re either working full-time, part-time or raising a family.