Political Science Careers – Opportunities & Requirements

Factors of Political Science A political science degree can open the door to many different careers in many different areas. Whether you are looking to break into government, law, journalism or even business, there are many types of political science jobs out there.

What Will I Learn While
Studying Political Science?

With a political science degree, you will gain extensive knowledge in liberal arts as well as law, philosophy, public policy and more. A Bachelor’s Degree in political science usually takes four years to complete. During that time you will learn to think critically and analytically, write clearly and communicate effectively. Most political science majors will take on a minor in government affairs, local politics, history or even international studies.

Political science degree requirements will vary by institution. However, most colleges will have students take a strong liberal arts background and then add core classes beginning in the junior year. That means you will take a lot of classes in social and behavioral sciences; language and culture; oral and written communication; and, history classes. You will also take classes that relate to foreign policy, introduction to political science, American government and more.

Career Options for Political Science Majors

So how do you choose what to do with a political science degree? Well, it really depends on what your interests are and what you are looking to accomplish. For instance, many people who earn a Bachelor’s Degree in political science will then go on to law school or choose a career in business. With a political science degree you can become a Political Commenter, Public Affairs Research Analyst, County Council Member, Journalist or even State Senator.

Furthering Your Education to Become a Political Scientist: the Master’s Degree

You can also become a Political Scientist. This will require you to have a minimum of a master’s degree. As a political scientist, you will research political trends, operations of government and any related issues. The average salary of a political scientist is over $107,000 per year. The field is very competitive though and therefore, your writing, research and communication skills will have to be impeccable.

Stick With Your Passions and Pursue Your Interests

Though finding a job is extremely competitive with more and more people opting for political science degrees, having one is great because it enables you to do so many different things with it. If working in the public sector becomes too much, head on over to the private sector or change your career path completely. Lots of doors open when you earn a political science degree.

Sierra Martinez is a Marine Corps wife, mother of one and a writer. She graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communications and a focus in Public Relations.