How to Study for Finals in the 21st Century

College student studying Figuring out how to study for finals is no easy task. Time goes by much faster in college than in high school, as the semesters are shorter and, therefore, you end up learning much more material in a shorter period of time. Though every individual learns differently, has compiled a list of some general study tips for finals that can benefit most any type of learner. So read on to see if there is something that just might help you.


Staying Focused is the Key to Success

How to study for finals really varies by individual. However, one thing that can help most anyone is to make sure you stay on top of the material by staying focused. Even in this day and age, completing your reading and writing assignments when they are due is imperative to not getting behind in a course. Most textbooks can range from 200-500+ pages so getting the reading done the night (or even week) before a final is very unlikely to happen. Therefore, follow your syllabus and complete assignments by their due dates. Procrastinating is not an option when you are studying for finals.

Complete Your Assignments Before They are Due: Not When They are Due

Another tip to help you study for your finals is to finish any final projects you are assigned approximately a week ahead of their due date. By completing these projects you are given at home, you will find that you open up an immense amount of time to dedicate to studying for exams that you have in classes. Also, try to cut back on social activities that aren’t pertinent to your job or schooling. 

Utilize Resources Provided By the Professors

If the professor gives you a review sheet, use it! By answering and studying the material given to you in the review, you are pretty much guaranteeing yourself a good grade on your final. Trust me: if a professor is nice enough to give you that information, they aren’t doing it for a joke, they are doing it to help you succeed. So, study that material profusely and if there is something that you do not understand, make sure you ask your teacher about it.

Some Additional Tips to Help You Study

Finally, if you find it difficult or boring to read through your reading material, you should try some study skill activities to make the review more interesting and help you earn a better grade on your final. For instance, try using acronyms to help you remember something in a particular order, find a study group that really helps you review the material or try making up a song to help you remember terms.

What are some other study techniques that help you? We would love to know!

Sierra Martinez is a Marine Corps wife, mother of one and a writer. She graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communications and a focus in Public Relations.