Furthering Education can Further your Career in Business

So we all know that many of the most successful businessmen in the world either never went to college or dropped out of college mid-way through (Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Larry Ellison to name a few.) What is also true is that there are still many successful businessmen (and women!) that have received college degrees as well as master’s degrees before and while they were making their millions…or billions! For example, Warren Buffet, Michael Bloomberg and George Soros all received undergraduate college degrees. All three are extremely successful businessmen, and believe that education is important to gaining knowledge in the business world. Once you choose to further your education, you may be wondering what degree is right for you and where to go to college.

What Kind of Degree Should I Get For a Career in Business?

The field of business is so varied; it might be overwhelming to determine which college degree is right for you. Some people don’t even need a business degree or go to business school to end up eventually in a career in business. What exactly do I mean by a career in business? Well, I mean understanding and executing the principals of private industry whether it is in finance, at a marketing or advertising agency, running your own business, working in product management, the retail industry and the list goes on and on. If the careers are this varied, you can imagine the possibilities of the different college degrees available as well. Just to name a few, you might consider degrees in marketing, finance, accounting, management, entrepreneurship. And then there are specialized business degrees such as manufacturing, retail management, non-profit management, governmental business degrees, hospitality management and more. Overwhelmed yet?

Why You Should Consider a Degree in Business

The reason why you should consider a degree in business is so that you can learn the fundamentals of running a business from the ground up. Regardless of what specialization you may earn your college degree in, you will always have to take some core classes in all of the areas listed. You might have an entrepreneurial spirit to you, but in order to understand all of the working parts of a company it will help to understand accountingmarketingmanagement and so forth. Even if you are only taking 1-2 courses in some of these areas, you will have a better understanding of the business as a whole. When you decide which specialization to choose, you will be able to learn the specifics of your industry or the industry that you would like to have your career in. Earning a business degree can be a lot of fun because many of the classes involve teamwork since running a business is 99% of the time learning how to work with or for other people, including employees, management, customers, partners and clients.

Consider an Internship or Work Experience to Coincide with Your Degree

There is one bit of information that you should know and you’ve probably heard this before. Many people will tell you that you don’t need an education to get into business. Of course, this is true for some people, but not everyone is equipped with the know-how of running a business successfully without learning. On the flip side, just learning from the books may also lead you in the wrong direction because without experience you will never learn how to take risks, interact with other people, work under pressure, make quick decisions and communicate effectively. So, in addition to the college degree that you will earn, make sure to go out there, network, get an internship for a summer or a semester and work as much as you can to gain the experience necessary to get your business career moving.

Sierra Martinez is a Marine Corps wife, mother of one and a writer. She graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communications and a focus in Public Relations.