Elementary Education – Teaching Young and Eager Minds

Elementary School Teacher with Children Being an elementary school teacher is a very rewarding, yet at times, quite challenging career. As an elementary education school teacher you will be preparing young students for their future schooling, along with helping to cultivate a love of learning in their young and eager minds. Elementary school teachers must be passionate, patient and understanding.

Elementary School Teacher Salaries and Expectations

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that an elementary school teacher salary averages around $51,380 per year. Considering all the vacation time you get between summers and federal holidays that really is a great salary. Remember though, teaching isn’t necessarily an 8-3 job. Lesson plans need to be created ahead of time, you may have to help students before or after school hours are over if they need extra help, etc.

The Ultimate Rewarding Career: Elementary Education

Most people choose to become teachers because they want to make a difference in the lives of others and the world. They long to teach not only about various subject matters, but about life in general and having strong, caring teachers is so important; especially in children’s early years. Elementary education careers are very rewarding and if you decide to get an elementary education degree you will surely get more out of it than you could ever believe.

What Steps are Necessary to Becoming an Elementary School Teacher?

Criteria for certification as an elementary school teacher will vary from state to state. Most states will require that you have at least a bachelor’s degree in elementary education though, as well as experience student teaching for a specified number of hours. Prior to becoming a teacher wherever you are living, you will have to pass the state’s teaching exam.

Getting an elementary education degree is a great idea if you enjoy working with and being around children. There are many elementary education colleges to choose from and elementary education jobs are growing at an average rate which means you should be able to find work upon graduation.

The Elementary Education Degree: A Means to a Gratifying Career

An elementary education degree will give you a great knowledge base for teaching in kindergarten through sixth or eighth grade – depending on the institution you attend. Elementary education majors receive a broad background in social studies, math, language arts, science and the fine arts, as well as physical education. While studying elementary education courses you will develop and perfect skills in critical thinking, communication, decision making, instruction and organization. There are many colleges and universities throughout that country that offer degrees in elementary teaching, and some of them, like the University of Phoenix, even allow you to accomplish that goal online.

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