Different Options to Back-up Your Computer

Save Your Files if Your Computer Crashes by Backing Up

daily computer backup tapes Are you looking for a way to back-up your computer? If so, you should know that there are several options available to you. Before you dive in and make a purchase though, you need to consider how much data you have to backup, how sensitive the data on your computer backup will be and how portable you need that information to be.

Backing Up Your Hard Drive Can Be Inexpensive

When you think about whether or not you should backup your computer, one of your first thoughts probably goes to how much money will this cost? This isn’t such a bad place to begin when thinking about backing up your computer as knowing how much the investment will be (or really, how much you can afford it to be) is quite crucial when deciding how you should back up your hard drive. The amount of data you need to backup will ultimately determine how costly your backup is. Are you looking to store pictures? Videos? Document files? Or do you have several computers networked together and need to back up your hard drive for each of them? If you are just looking to back-up a few different files, you can very easily do so by purchasing a USB flash drive. These can be purchased in various sizes from 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, etc. etc. The great thing about USB flash drives is the fact that they are so portable. You can literally clip one on your key chain, that is how easy they are to transport. That also makes them fairly easy to lose though so just be careful.

Storing Data On An External Hard Drive

Another great way to back-up your computer is by using an external hard drive. These tend to be relatively fast, store a lot of information and inexpensive so they make for another great way to store all of your information. When compared to USB flash drives, the external hard drive is really the better choice as it can hold a ton more information, making the storage of all your media files and photos very simple. Physical size is also comparable as, even though you could not carry one around on your key chain, they can fit easily into a laptop bag or purse.

The Online Back-Up Solution

Finally, you might want to look into some online backup solutions for your hard drive. Online solutions are great if you are looking to store a lot of information, whether it is from one computer or 20. Storing your data with an online backup service will be costly though. Most companies that work in online data storage charge annual fees ranging anywhere from $50 to several hundreds of dollars. Some of them only allow you to store a specified amount (i.e. 200GB) while others offer unlimited storage space. That is why if you are looking to store information online, you definitely need to do your research. PC Magazine has an interesting and detailed article on the top 10 online backup options that you can see here. At the end of the day, how you backup your hard drive really depends on how much money you want to spend and how much data you want to save.

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