Career Options for Criminal Justice Majors

Criminal Justice Graduation Cap Criminal Justice careers are often fast-paced and, at times, physically demanding. Depending on what aspect of the field you are looking to break into, degree requirements will vary, but a Criminal Justice Degree can open up the doors to various career opportunities.


The Various Career Choices You Can Follow Include

So what exactly will you do as a Criminal Justice Professional? Well that really depends on what field you choose to work in. For instance, some people will opt for careers in law enforcement such as police officers or detectives. Others, however, will choose paths that lead to social services such as corrections officers or social workers. Still, others look for careers in criminology, the scientific study of criminals and their behaviors. Depending on the career you choose, you may also work in youth corrections facilities, prisons, domestic violence agencies or at your local police station.

Levels of Education in Criminal Justice

Depending on the career you want, you could need as little as a High School diploma or even a Masters or Doctorate degree. The job you want will dictate exactly what standards you need to meet whether they are physical, psychological or educational ones. For instance, if you want to become a police officer or detective, you will not only need to meet specific educational requirements but you will need to graduate from the agency’s academy, as well as meet various physical and personality traits.

What Colleges Offer Criminal Justice Degrees?

There are many criminal justice colleges out there. Whether you are looking to obtain a degree online or attend a regular campus school, you are sure to find something that fits your needs. Some campus colleges that offer Criminal Justice Degrees are the University of Cincinnati, the University of Maryland at College Park, Florida State University and Rutgers University. Other schools that give you the ability to earn your Criminal Justice Degree online are Kaplan University and Rasmussen College.

The Criminal Justice Program: Required Courses

If you decide to major in criminal justice you will take various basic classes in mathematics, biology and writing. You will also take more major-specific courses such as social networking and cyber security, crime scene investigation, crimes and drugs, criminal law in action, etc. After receiving a criminal justice degree you will be able to apply critical thinking skills to help you understand the nature of crimes committed and the various theories and practices behind them.

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