Social Sciences

[h2]Areas of Study – Social Science Degrees[/h2]

[h2]Combing Humanities and Sciences to Create Social Science Areas of Study[/h2]

History Books Papers Social Science The term Social Science does not ring a bell in many people’s heads. Generally, people cannot pinpoint exactly what the Social Sciences refer to, or whether it’s something they would want to pursue as a career. To some, it might come as a surprise that they may already be in a social sciences career and not even realize it. Some of the most popular educational degrees are considered part of the Social Sciences. Social Sciences is a term used to group a number of different academic fields together that include humans and science. Many of the degree programs that fall under this umbrella include both the quantitative and qualitative analysis of an area of study. Quite a few of the social sciences degree programs can be found at the numerous Liberal Arts colleges around the United States and are also offered as online degrees at various online colleges throughout the country.

[h2]Wide Variety of Social Sciences Programs to Choose From[/h2]

If you have an interest in people, history or general culture, you may choose from a wide variety of Social Sciences Degrees available. Some of the most popular degrees offered at both campus colleges and online colleges include Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Economics, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. Anthropology is the study of humans and their ancestors in relation to physical character, environment and culture. Criminal Justice refers to the industry responsible for law enforcement. Economics is the study of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. Geography is the study of earth’s surface. History is the study of…well, history. Philosophy is a study that combines logic, ethics, metaphysics and epistemology. Political Science is the study of political thought, theory and government. Psychology is the study of mind and behavior. Sociology is the study of society, institution and social relationships. Do any of these programs interest you? If so, many of these degree programs offer courses strategically designed to ensure you understand completely what you are studying.

[h2]Your Social Sciences Career Starts Here[/h2]

Highlights of earning a Degree in Social Sciences include acquiring skills that you can apply to a vast set of career choices. While you are earning one of these degrees, you will learn how to think critically, analyze something that you’ve read, and conduct research efficiently. Every single one of these degrees will require a generous amount of reading. Whether you have to read from sources or you have to conduct your own research study, you will learn how to compile research, how to analyze it, and how to communicate and present it effectively. Communication and debating effectively will be another skill learned that can be applied to many different careers upon graduation. Some of the careers you may qualify for once you graduate will include marketing, advertising or sales, historian research assistants, psychiatry or sociology, elementary or secondary teaching, cartography, law enforcement for the government or the public sector.

[h2]Online Degrees in Social Sciences Are Abundant[/h2]

If you are thinking about going back to earn a degree, but would like to keep your full-time job or have to take care of your family and think you don’t have the time, you might want to consider an online degree. Social Sciences Degrees are some of the most popular online degrees available because they consist of a lot of reading, writing and studying, which is easy to do from the comfort of your home.